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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Ab initio study of the optical phonons in one-dimensional antiferromagnet Ca(2)CuO(3)Hoang, Nam Nhat; Nguyen, Thu Hang; Nguyen, Chau
2013A comparative study of classical approaches to surface plasmon resonance of colloidal gold nanorodsNgac, An Bang; Phung, Thi Thom; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2012Electronic Structure of a Molecular Magnet from Salicylate Based Copper ComplexNguyen, Duc Tho; Nguyen, Thuy Trang; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2011Electronic structure of Eu-doped CaO by density functional theoryNguyen, Thuy Trang; Hoang, Duc Anh; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2012Emission characteristics of SPAN-80 activated ZnS nanocolloidsNgo, Thu Huong; Bui, Hong Van; Pham, Van Ben; Tran, Thi Hong; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2015Estimation of valence distribution in perovskites using the bond- valence methodPhan, Duc Huyen Yen; Nguyen, Thi Hang; Dinh, Van Chau; Dinh, Van Thuong; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2013Excited state in nanofluid containing perovskite manganate particlesVu, Anh Tuan; Nguyen, Duc Tho; Pham, Duc Huyen Yen; Phung, Quoc Thanh; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2010Ground state of spin chain system by Density Functional TheoryHoang, Nam Nhat; Nguyen, Thuy Trang
2003Influence of Cu substitution for Mn on the structure, magnetic, magnetocaloric and magnetoresistance properties of La(0.7)Sr(0.3)NnO(3) perovskitesNguyen, Chau; Pham, Quang Niem; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2014International Symposium on Frontiers in Materials Science 2013 Publication Chair's PrefaceHoang, Nam Nhat
2012Magnetotransport properties and magnetocaloric effect in La0.67Ca0.33Mn1-xTMxO3 (TM=Cu, Zn) perovskite manganitesPhung, Quoc Thanh; Vu, Van Khai; Ngac, An Bang; Nguyen, Huy Sinh; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2002A new method for separation of randow noise from capacitance signal in dlts measurementHoang, Nam Nhat; Pham, Quoc Trieu
2010Nuclear magnetic resonance in one-dimensional spin chainsHoang, Nam Nhat; Pham, The Tan
2011On oxygen deficiency in nanocrystallites La 1-xSr xCoO 3Tran, Thi Hong; Pham, The Tan; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2004On several correlation integrals of the deep level transientsHoang, Nam Nhat; Pham, Quoc Trieu
2014Optical and Magnetic Properties of Mn-Doped ZnS Nanoparticles Synthesized by a Hydrothermal MethodBui, Hong Van; Nguyen, Hoang Nam; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2009Optical modes in nanoscale one-dimensional spin chainsHoang, Nam Nhat; Phung, Quoc Thanh; Le, Thi Anh Thu
2009Origin of the forbidden phonons in Raman scattering spectra of uranium-doped Ca2CuO3, a spin 1/2 chain systemHoang, Nam Nhat; Nguyen, Thuy Trang; Bui, Hong Van
2011Properties of Ru-Doped Ca-Pr Manganate Thin Films Fabricated by PLD TechniquePhung, Quoc Thanh; Nguyen, Duc Tho; Hoang, Nam Nhat
2002Reference levels signal forms and determination of emisstion factor in DLTSHoang, Nam Nhat; Pham, Quoc Trieu