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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Activated platelet-rich plasma improves adipose-derived stem cell transplantation efficiency in injured articular cartilagePham, Phuc Van; Bui, Khanh Hong-Thien; Ngo, Quoc Dat
2016Concise Review: 3D cell culture systems for anticancer drug screeningNguyen, Huyen Thi Lam; Nguyen, Sinh Truong; Pham, Phuc Van
2014Good manufacturing practice-compliant isolation and culture of human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cellsPham, Phuc Van; Vu, Ngoc Bich; Pham, Vuong Minh
2016Isolation and proliferation of umbilical cord tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells for clinical applicationsPham, Phuc Van; Truong, Nhat Chau; Le, Phuong Thi-Bich
2016Isolation of endothelial progenitor cells from human adipose tissuePham, Phuc Van; Vu, Ngoc Bich; Nguyen, Hoa Trong
2016Liquid biopsies: tumour diagnosis and treatment monitoringVu, Binh Thanh; Le, Dat Tan; Pham, Phuc Van
2016Low concentrations of 5-aza-2 '-deoxycytidine induce breast cancer stem cell differentiation by triggering tumor suppressor gene expressionPhan, Nhan Lu Chinh; Trinh, Ngu Van; Pham, Phuc Van
2014A simple in vitro method for evaluating dendritic cell-based vaccinationsPham, Phuc Van; Nguyen, Thi Nhung; Nguyen, Hoang Minh
2016Targeting breast cancer stem cells by dendritic cell vaccination in humanized mice with breast tumor: preliminary resultsPham, Phuc Van; Le, Hanh Thi; Vu, Binh Thanh
2016Umbilical cord-derived stem cells (MODULATIST (TM)) show strong immunomodulation capacity compared to adipose tissue-derived or bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cellsPham, Phuc Van; Vu, Ngoc Bich; Phan, Ngoc Kim