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Title: Synthesis of Pichromenes, a Potential Anticancer Agent Using Organocatalyst
Authors: Lưu, Văn Bôi
Phạm, Hoài Thu
Nguyễn, Vũ Quang Thành
Doãn, Thu Hồng
Nguyễn, Bích Ngọc
Vũ, Thị Huệ
Mạc, Đình Hùng
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Citation: 7 tr.
Abstract: Pichromene 1 is a potential anti-cancer substance that is being studied for treatment of chronic leukemia. In this paper have been developed method for synthesis of pichrmene 1 and its analogs by condensation between substituted salicylaldehyde and β-nitrostyrene derivatives under different conditions (solvent, reaction time, temperature and catalyst…). The research results showed that in toluene, at a temperature of 800C, with acid L-pipecolic as catalyst, the yield of pichromenes reached 82% after 24h. The structure of the products was determined by the data of 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectroscopy. .
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