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Title: Về cơ chế hình thành những hiện tượng thủy triều phức tạp và độc đáo ở biển Đông
Authors: Phạm, Văn Huấn
Keywords: Địa chất;Thủy triều;Biển Đông
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội
Citation: tr. 33-40
Abstract: The paper briefly outlines the peculiarities of the tidal regime of Bien Dong and Prdsents a set of free oscillation periods of the basin derived from numerical solving the system of linear equations for ling waves on shallow water. The main attention is paid to the analyzing the relation of the oscillation regime of the sea to it's real border geometry and bed bathymetry and to give the detail explainatins to the peculiarities of tidal regime of the sea such as the domination of the diurnal tide in the sea, the acceleration of the tide range and the differentiation of tide feature in different places of the sea, The changes of the relationship of the major tide constituents along their propagation way from the Pacific ocean to different regions of the Bien Dong
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