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Title: The absorption of a weak electromagnetic wave by free electrons in semiconducSự hấp thụ sóng điện tử tự do yếu bởi điện tử tự do trong bán dẫn siêu mạng khi có mặt từ trường
Other Titles: The absorption of a weak electromagnetic wave by free electrons in semiconductor superlattices in the presence of a quantizing magnetic field
Authors: Nguyễn, Quang Báu
Nguyễn, Thế Toàn
Navy, Chhoum
Keywords: Vật lý;Sóng điện tử;Điện tử tự do;Bán dẫn siêu mạng;Từ trường
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội
Citation: tr. 43-47
Abstract: Analytic expressouns (10-12), (21-23) for the conductivity tensor and the absorption coefficient of EMW in semiconductor superlattices, in the case when the electron-nonpolar optical phonon scattering is dominant, are obtained for the first time. They show complicate dependencies on the temperature (T), the frequency (w) of the EMW, SL-parameters...The law of conservation of energy leads to the condition (25) for the electron energy spectrum. It also limits the number of Laudau subband, which electron can move to after the absorption, in the interval (26). The authors are grateful to colleagues at the Group of Theoretical Solid State Physics, Hanoi State University, for valuable discussions. This work is completed with financial support from the Program of Basic Research in natural science KT-04.
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