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Title: Late Eocene metamorphism and ductile deformation age of Con Voi range, the Red River shear zone: evidence from the garnet Sm/Nddating
Authors: Nguyen, Van Vuong
Keywords: Red River shear;Sm/Nd age;Late Eocene;Metamorphism;Deformation
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: VNU
Citation: p. 69-75
Abstract: Con Voi range in Vietnam was a southeastward continuity of the Red River Ailaoshan tertiary shear zone, a boundary between Indochina and south China blocks during the southeastward extrusion of Indochina block. It composed of high grade metamorphic and strongly deformed rocks with various protoliths. The foliation and schistosity folded to produce a large antiform structure during the late phase of ductiledeformation and exhumation. Together with the Ailaoshan, Diancangshan, Con Voi range suffered from an intensively sheared and metamorphosed during the collision of Indian with Eurasian plates. The published radiochronological data indicated that the cooling age took place from 28 to 17 m.y. (millions years). Those data did not reflect the timing of peak metamorphic event and associated ductile deformation. New Sm/Nd isochron age on single garnet extracted from biotite-garnet-silimanite bearing gneiss rock within Con Voi range evidenced that the timing of metamorphic culmination and ductile deformation occurred as early as c.a 36 m.y. ago. This implied that the earliest stage of deformation along the Red River-Ailaoshan shear zone could be at least absorbed partially by the opening of Bac Bo basin.
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