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Title: Cenozoic magmatism of Eastern Sea (South China Sea)
Authors: Phan, Truong Thi
Vo, Viet Van
Keywords: Cenozoic;Magmatism;Eastern Sea
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: VNU
Citation: p. 43-51
Abstract: In Eastern Sea (South China Sea), Jurassic - Cretaceous magmatic intrusives are discovered, they were cutting the re-Cenozoic sedimentaries. The Cenozoic volcanic basalts are strongly distributed together with Cenozoic sedimentaries. The paper concerns only the volcanic activities with description on their geology, chemistry, geochemistry, isotopic ages and their forming mechanism. In fact, the main topic of the paper is dealt with the forming mechanism of basalt in the dynamics of the opening of Eastern Sea in particular, and of South China Sea in general.
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