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Title: Formations of endogenous ore deposits and mineralization in Vietnam
Authors: Nguyen, Van Nhan
Keywords: Endogenous ore deposit;Mineralization
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: VNU
Citation: p. 26-31
Abstract: Formations of endogenous ore deposits and mineralization are widely distributed in Vietnam. Detailed studies allow for distinguishing 30 ore formations representing 9 groups of mineral raw - materials: Cr, Ti, Fe, Sn - W, Mo, Pb- Zn, Au, Sb - Hg. Three of presented formations are of magmatic affiliation, one is pegmatitic, three others belong to skarn mineralization and the remaining ones are of hydrothermal - volcanic and controversial origin. Three metallogenic epochs can be distinguished: Proterozoic, Palaeozoic and Mesozoic - Cainozoic. Taking into consideration the recent structural data and economic importance along with the geochemical units can be distinguished in Vietnam: 1. Sialic - mafic Viet Bac; 2. Mafic Tay Bac; 3. Sialic Truong Son; 4. Mafic- metamorphic Kontum; 5. Sialic - alkaline Dalat - Nam Bo.
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