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Title: Margin deltas in the northern part of the Red River basin
Authors: Doan, Dinh Lam
Nguyen, Trong Tin
Nguyen, Thi Hong
Keywords: Margin delta;Delta front deposit;Red River basin
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: VNU
Citation: p. 16-25
Abstract: Margin deltas are the last ones that were formed in a shelf break zone, when a sea level has slowdown during last time of a forced regression and the beginning of the success transgression. The margin deltas are abruptly thickened in the zone of shelf break, became thinner landward and basinward. Because they were formed inthe shelf edge, they have a relatively high sand/clay ratio, prone to turbidite. In the northern part of the Red River basin, during the Miocene the margin deltas had developed eastward from the plot 103, i.e. from theborehole 103-TH-1X, 103-TG-1X and 103-HOL seaward. An existence of the margin deltas in this region confirms a presence of the basin floor fans in the central part of basin - very important objects for oil-gas prospecting.
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