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Title: Fishing ground forecast inthe offshorewaters of CentralVietnam (experimental results for pur se-seine and drift- gillnet fisheries)
Authors: Doan, Bo
Le, Hong Cau
Nguyen, Duy Thanh
Keywords: Fishing ground forecast;offshore waters;purse-seine fishery;drift-gillnet fishery
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: VNU
Citation: p. 57-63
Abstract: This paper specifies that research, analysis and estimate on marine environmental and biologi cal conditions are very i mportant for fishing ground forecast in offshore waters. The multi-variate regr ession equations among Catch Per Unit Efforts (CPUE), temperature structures and primar y production have been established and used for monthly fishing gr ound forecast for purse-seine and drift-gillnet fisheries in the offshore waters of central Vietnam. The experiment forecast result inMay, June and July, 2009 presented up to 60 percentage of acception. Meanwhile, the quantity of good forecasts ar e about 50% and the quantity of excellent forecast s ranks from 25 to 41%. The Length base Cohort Analyis (LCA) and Thompson and Bell models have been used for annual fishing ground forecast for Skipjack tuna(Katsuwonus pelamis) population, which is main object of drift-gillnet fishery. The forecast results showed that when yield in 2009 is 17,831 tonnes, its biomass in earl y that year is 111,906 tonnes and its forecast yield in 2010 is 18,211 tonnes. If the fishing effort in 2009 is X=1.0, its value ofMSY (19,319 tonnes/year) will be gained corresponding to X=2.0.
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