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Title: Preparation of nano-structural MnO2 in ethanol-water media coated on calcinated laterite and study of its arsenic adsorption capacity
Authors: Dong, Kim Loan
Tran, Hong Con
Le, Thu Thuy
Keywords: Nano-structural MnO2;Ethanol-water;Calcinated laterite
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: VNU
Citation: p. 227-232
Abstract: Nano-dimensional MnO2 were prepared in ethanol – water media from their inorganic salts by parallel redox reactions. The pH of solution, concentration of the salts and ethanol as well as reaction temperature were the key parameters for forming of nano-particles and anticoagulation. The MnO2 particles in colloidal solution then were coated on calcinated laterite grains to create new adsorption materials. The structure and surface of materials were studied by TEM and SEM methods. The arsenic adsorption ability of the material was investigated with imitative and real samples. In the optimum conditions, maximum arsenic adsorption capacity reached the value of 139 g per kg. Created material was stable in water media and easy to regenerate when it was saturated adsorption by arsenic.
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