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Title: Hoàn thiện và phát triển thị trường tín dụng Việt Nam trong thời kỳ hội nhập kinh tế quốc tế
Authors: Vũ, Thị Dậu
Keywords: Thị trường tín dụng;Hội nhập kinh tế;Việt Nam
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: H. :$bĐHQGHN
Citation: $atr. 17-24
Abstract: Over twenty years of reform in Vietnam, its credit market has still got into separated situation and non-mergence been sufferring from the government’s relative intervenes in both sides of supply and demand. This has been causing significantly negative impacts on effective allocations of resources, economic growth and the international integration level of credit market. So far, Vietnam has deeply and largely integraded in the World economy, and become an official member of The World Trade Organisation (WTO). Thus it is an objective and essential requirement of its economy to improve and create an united and highly competitive credit market. Some sources of this problems can be indicated as followings: Firstly, there still have been interferes from the government in perfomances of enterprises and state owned commercial banks; Secondly, enterprises and banks have not become powerfull enterprises yet in themselves in a fiercely competitive environment and Finally, due to lack of improvements in the credit market in itself. In order to develop and improve Vietnam’s credit market. It is necessary to make solutions, which aims at abolishing direct intervenes of the state in operation of enterprises and banks; fostering the pace of state owned enterprises reform and enhancing the competitive ability of Vietnamese commercial banks. At that time, Vietnam’s credit market will become: “a common playground” for participators in the market and operations based on principles of market, and therefore the effectiveness of credit market will be improved.
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