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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Divalent manganese in A-position of perovskite cell: X-ray absorption finite structure study of La(0.6)Sr(0.4-x)MnTi(x)O(3) manganitesA. N. Ulyanov; D. S. Yang; N. Chau; S. C. Yu; S. I. Yoo
2007The crystallization and properties of alloys with Fe partly substituted by Cr and Cu fully substituted by Au in FinemetN.Q. Hoa; N. Chau; S.-C. Yu
2007The discovery of the colossal magnetocaloric effect in a series of amorphous ribbons based on FinemetN. Chau; N.D. The; N.Q. Hoa
2007High coercivity and giant magnetoresistance of CoAg, CoCu granular filmsV.V. Hiep; N. Chau; D.M. Hong; N.H. Luong
2007The crystallization, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties in Fe76.5-xNbxSi15.5B7Au1 ribbonsN.Q. Hoa; D.T.H. Gam; N. Chau
2006The existence of giant magnetocaloric effect and laminar structure in Fe(73.5-x)Cr(x)Si(13.5)B(9)Nb(3)Cu(1)N. Chau; P.Q. Thanh; N.Q. Hoa
2006Ultrasoft magnetic properties in nanocrystalline alloy Finemet with Au substituted for CuN. Chau; N.Q. Hoa; N.D. The; P.Q. Niem
2006Relation between EPR spectra and electrical conductivity of Pr(1-x)Pb(x)MnO(3) perovskitesB.T. Cong; S.C. Yu; N.D. Tho; N. Chau; T.N. Huynh; T.L. Phan
2006A systematic study of giant magnetoimpedance of Cr-substituted Fe(73.5-x)Cr(x)Si(13.5)B(9)Nb(3)Au(1) (x=1, 2, 3, 4, 5) alloysN.D. Tho; N. Chau; S.C. Yu; H.B. Lee; N.D. The
2006Structure, magnetic, magnetocaloric and magnetoresistance properties of Pr1-xPbxMnO3 perovskitesD.T. Hanh; N. Chau; N.H. Luong; N.D. Tho