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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010First-principles study of the thermally induced polymerization of cyclopentasilanePhan, Viet Dung; Pham, Tien Lam; Nguyen, Dinh Duc
2012Determining the deflection of a thin composite plate in an unsteady temperature fieldNguyen, Dinh Duc; Nghiem, Thi Thu Ha
2016Nonlinear thermal dynamic analysis of eccentrically stiffened S-FGM circular cylindrical shells surrounded on elastic foundations using the Reddy's third-order shear deformation shell theoryNguyen, Dinh Duc
2010First principles study of the physisorption of hydrogen molecule on graphene and carbon nanotube surfaces adhered by Pt atomPham, Tien Lam; Phan, Viet Dung; Nguyen, Dinh Duc
2010Nonlinear analysis of stability for functionally graded cylindrical panels under axial compressionNguyen, Dinh Duc; Hoang, Van Tung
2010Bending analysis of three-phase polymer composite plates reinforced by glass fibers and titanium oxide particlesNguyen, Dinh Duc; Dinh, Khac Minh
2015Nonlinear dynamic analysis of Sigmoid functionally graded circular cylindrical shells on elastic foundations using the third order shear deformation theory in thermal environmentsNguyen, Dinh Duc; Ngo, Duc Tuan; Tran, Phuong
2016Hybrid phase field simulation of dynamic crack propagation in functionally graded glass-filled epoxyDoan, Duc Hong; Nguyen, Dinh Duc; Bui, Tinh Quoc
2014Nonlinear axisymmetric response of FGM shallow spherical shells on elastic foundations under uniform external pressure and temperatureNguyen, Dinh Duc; Vu, Thi Thuy Anh; Pham, Hong Cong
2014Nonlinear vibration of imperfect eccentrically stiffened functionally graded double curved shallow shells resting on elastic foundation using the first order shear deformation theoryDao, Huy Bich; Nguyen, Dinh Duc; Tran, Quoc Quan