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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Exploring the experience of children with disabilities at school settings in Vietnam contextTran, Kham V.
2012On the conduct of monetary policy in VietnamPham, Thi Thu Tra; Riedel, James
2015Intimate partner violence education for medical students in the USA, Vietnam and ChinaKamimura, A.; Nguyen, H.; Al-Obaydi, S.
2016Simultaneous determination of rare earth elements in ore and anti-corrosion coating samples using a portable capillary electrophoresis instrument with contactless conductivity detectionNguyen, Thi Anh Huong; Nguyen, Van Ri; Le, Duc Dung
2016Income sources and inequality among ethnic minorities in the Northwest region, VietnamTran, Quang Tuyen
2014Exposure assessment of lead to workers and children in the battery recycling craft village, Dong Mai, VietnamNoguchi, Takako; Itai, Takaaki; Nguyen, Minh Tue
2008Dealing with a positive result: routine HIV testing of pregnant women in VietnamA.P. Hardon; Nguyen T.A.; Pham N.Y.
2016Functional impairment and mental health functioning among Vietnamese childrenDang, Hoang Minh; Weiss, Bahr; Lam, T. Trung,
2008Contamination of drinking water resources in the Mekong delta floodplains: Arsenic and other trace metals pose serious health risks to populationPham Hung Viet; Pham Thi Kim Trang; Johanna Buschmann
2008Coastal livelihood transitions: Socio-economic consequences of changing mangrove forest management and land allocation in a commune of Central VietnamLe Thi Van Hue; Scott, Steffane