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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Motivation for smoking cessation among drug-using smokers under methadone maintenance treatment in VietnamTran, Bach Xuan; Nguyen, Long Hoang; Do, Huyen Phuc
2014Exploring the experience of children with disabilities at school settings in Vietnam contextTran, Kham V.
2015Intimate partner violence education for medical students in the USA, Vietnam and ChinaKamimura, A.; Nguyen, H.; Al-Obaydi, S.
2016Income sources and inequality among ethnic minorities in the Northwest region, VietnamTran, Quang Tuyen
2016First molecular verification of Dixonius vietnamensis Das, 2004 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) with the description of a new species from Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve, Dong Nai Province, VietnamZiegler, Thomas; Botov, Andreas; Nguyen, Tao Thien
2016Air pollution and risk of respiratory and cardiovascular hospitalizations in the most populous city in VietnamPhung, Dung; To, Thi Hien; Ho, Nhut Linh
2014Methylated and unsubstituted polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in street dust from Vietnam and India: Occurrence, distribution and in vitro toxicity evaluationLe, Huu Tuyen; Nguyen, Minh Tue; Takahashi, Shin
2012Historical Profiles of Trace Element Concentrations in Mangrove Sediments from the Ba Lat Estuary, Red River, VietnamNguyen Tai Tue; Tran Dang Quy; Amano, Atsuko; Mai Trong Nhuan; Atsuko Amano
2016Three new species of the water strider genus Rhyacobates Esaki, 1923 (Hemiptera: Gerridae) from VietnamTran, A. D.; Nguyen, X. Q.
2016Health status and health service utilization in remote and mountainous areas in VietnamTran, Bach Xuan; Nguyen, Long Hoang; Nong, Vuong Minh