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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A case study on the relation between city planning and urban growth using remote sensing and spatial metricsPham, Hai Minh; Yamaguchi, Yasushi; Bui, Thanh Quang
2013Subadjoint Equations of Index-1 Linear Singular Difference EquationsLe, Cong Loi
2010EM-Coffee: An improvement of M-CoffeeTuan, Nguyen Ha Anh; Cuong, Ha Tuan; Dung, Nguyen Hoang; Vinh, Le Sy; Christopher J., Skousen; Phuong, Tu Minh
2012Quantitative analysis of COOH-terminated alkanethiol SAMs on gold nanoparticle surfacesNguyen, Kien Cuong
2013A global optimization algorithm for electromagnetic devices by combining adaptive taylor kriging and particle swarm optimizationXia, Bin; Pham, Minh Trien; Zhang, Yanli; Koh, Changseop
2012The production of β-glucosidases by Fusarium proliferatum NBRC109045 isolated from Vietnamese forestGao, Ziqing; Van Hop, Duong; Yen, Le Thi Hoang; Ando, Katsuhiko; Hiyamuta, Shuichi; Kondo, Ryuichiro
2013An Effective Procedure for Reducing EOG and EMG Artefacts from EEG SignalsNguyen, Thi Anh Dao; Nguyen, Linh Trung; Tran, Duc Tan; Nguyen, Thi Hao; Tran, Duc Nghia
2013Combining Lagrangian decomposition and excessive gap smoothing technique for solving large-scale separable convex optimization problemsTran Dinh, Quoc Tran; Savorgnan, Carlo; Diehl, Moritz
2016Behavioral and quality-of-life outcomes in different service models for methadone maintenance treatment in VietnamTran, B.X.; Nguyen, L.H.; Nong, V.M., (...); Phan, H.T.T.; Latkin, C.A.
2015Women in Free Clinics: An Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life for Prevention and Health EducationKamimura, Akiko; Myers, Kyl; Ashby, Jeanie; Ha, Ngoc Trinh; Nourian, Maziar M.; Maziar M., Justine J.