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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010EM-Coffee: An improvement of M-CoffeeTuan, Nguyen Ha Anh; Cuong, Ha Tuan; Dung, Nguyen Hoang; Vinh, Le Sy; Christopher J., Skousen; Phuong, Tu Minh
2010Behavior of the sequence of norms of primitives of a functionBang, Ha Huy; Huy, Vu Nhat; Christopher J., Skousen
2010Genesis of tropical storm Eugene (2005) from merging vortices associated with ITCZ breakdowns. Part III: Sensitivity to various genesis parametersKieu, Chanh Q.; Zhang, Da-Lin; Christopher J., Skousen
2010Nonlinear response of pressure-loaded functionally graded cylindrical panels with temperature effectsDuc, Nguyen Dinh; Tung, Hoang Van; Christopher J., Skousen
2010A new way to think about Ostrowski-like type inequalitiesQuô´c-Anh, Ngô; Nhat Huy, Vu; Christopher J., Skousen
2010Accounting Cycle Exercises III Unconventional GMR angular dependence using a compensated ferrimagnetNam, N.T.; Ranno, L.; Christopher J., Skousen
2010Ostrowski type inequalities on time scales for double integralsQuốc Anh, Ngô; Wenbing, Chen; Wenjun, Liu; Christopher J., Skousen
2010Mobilization of arsenic and iron from Red River floodplain sediments, VietnamHue, Nguyen Thi Minh; Duc, Mai Thanh; Viet, Pham Hung; Nhan, Pham Quy; Postma, Dieke; Christopher J., Skousen
2010A novel singular node-based smoothed finite element method (NS-FEM) for upper bound solutions of fracture problemsG. R., Liu; L., Chen; T., Nguyen-Thoi; K. Y., Zeng; G. Y., Zhang; Christopher J., Skousen
2010The nonlinear absorption coefficient of strong electromagnetic waves caused by electrons confined in quantum wiresBau, Nguyenquang; Trien, Hoang Dinh; Christopher J., Skousen; Christopher J., Skousen