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Title: Numerical modeling of 3-D inclusions and voids by a novel adaptive XFEM
Authors: Wang, Zhen
Yu, Tiantang
Bui, Tinh Quoc
Keywords: Variable-nodehexahedronelement;Adaptive;Holes
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Abstract: Thispaperdescribesanadaptivenumericalframework for modelingarbitraryinclusions andholesin three-dimensional (3-D) solids based on a rigorous combination of local enriched partition-of-unity method,aposteriorerrorestimationscheme, andthe variable-nodehexahedronelements.In this new setting,aposteriorierrorestimationschemedrivenbyarecoverystrainprocedurein terms ofextended finiteelementmethod(XFEM) is taken for adaptivepurpose(local meshrefinement).Refinementis only performedwhereit is needed,e.g.,the vicinityofthe internal boundaries,through anerrorindicator. To treat the mismatchofdifferentmeshes-scalein 3-D,the variable-nodehexahedronelementsbasedon the genericpointinterpolation arethus integrated into the presentformulation. Themeritsofthe pro-posedapproachsuch asits accuracy,effectivenessandperformancearedemonstratedthrough aseries ofrepresentativenumericalexamplesinvolving singleandmultipleinclusions/holes in 3-Dwithdifferent configurations.Theobtainednumericalresultsarecomparedwithreferencesolutionsbasedonanalytical andstandardnon-adaptiveXFEMmethods.
Description: TNS06305 ; ADVANCES IN ENGINEERING SOFTWARE Volume: 102 Pages: 105-122
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