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Title: High-speed trains subject to abrupt braking
Authors: Tran, Minh Thi
Ang, Kok Keng
Luong, Van Hai
Keywords: High-speed trains;braking torque;moving element method;wheel sliding
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Abstract: The dynamic response of high-speed train subject to braking is investigated using the moving element method. Possible sliding of wheels over the rails is accounted for. The train is modelled as a 15-DOF system comprising of a car body, two bogies and four wheels interconnected by spring-damping units. The rail is mod-elled as a Euler–Bernoulli beam resting on a two-parameter elastic damped foundation. The interaction between the moving train and track-foundation is accounted for through thenormal and tangential wheel–rail contact forces. The effects of braking torque, wheel–rail contact condition, initial train speed and severity of railhead rough-ness on the dynamic response of the high-speed train are inves-tigated. For a given initial train speed and track irregularity, the study revealed that there is an optimal braking torque that would result in the smallest braking distance with no occurrence of wheel sliding, representing a good compromise between train instability and safety.
Description: TNS06307 ; VEHICLE SYSTEM DYNAMICS Volume: 54 Issue: 12 Pages: 1715-1735
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