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Title: Picture fuzzy clustering: a new computational intelligence method
Authors: Pham, Huy Thong
Le, Hoang Son
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Abstract: Fuzzy clustering especially fuzzy C-means (FCM) is considered as a useful tool in the processes of pat-tern recognition and knowledge discovery from a database; thus being applied to various crucial, socioeconomic applica-tions. Nevertheless, the clustering quality of FCMis not high since this algorithm is deployed on the basis of the traditional fuzzy sets, which have some limitations in the membership representation, the determination of hesitancy and the vague-ness of prototype parameters. Various improvement versions of FCM on some extensions of the traditional fuzzy sets have been proposed to tackle with those limitations. In this paper, we consider another improvement of FCMon the pic-ture fuzzy sets, which is a generalization of the traditional fuzzy sets and the intuitionistic fuzzy sets, and present a novel picture fuzzy clustering algorithm, the so-called FC-PFS. A numerical example on the IRIS dataset is conducted to illustrate the activities of the proposed algorithm. The experimental results on various benchmark datasets of UCI Machine Learning Repository under different scenarios of parameters of the algorithm reveal that FC-PFS has better clustering quality than some relevant clustering algorithms such as FCM, IFCM, KFCM and KIFCM.
Description: SOFT COMPUTING Volume: 20 Issue: 9 Special Issue: SI Pages: 3549-3562 ; TNS06387
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