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Title: Rapid determination of scopolamine in evidence of recreational and predatory use
Authors: Sáiz, Jorge
Mai, Thanh Duc
López, María López
Keywords: Scopolamine;Predatory drug;Burundanga;Portable capillary electrophoresis
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Abstract: In recent years, scopolamine has become a drug of common use for recreational and predatory purposes and several ways of administration have beendevised. A method for the rapid analysis of suspicious sampleswas de-veloped, using a portable capillary electrophoresis with contactless conductivity detection. The method allows the separationof scopolamine from atropinewhichhas a similar structure and is present alongwith scopolamine in some samples. The method was demonstrated to be useful for the fast analysis of several types of evidential items which have recently been reported to have been abused with fatal consequences or employed for criminal purposes. An infusion ofDatura stramoniumL., in which scopolamine and atropine naturally coexist, was ana-lyzed for being frequently consumed for recreational purposes. A spiked moisturizing cream and six spiked alco-holic beverages were also analyzed. In spite of the complexity of the specimens, the sample pre-treatment methods developed were simple and fast
Description: Science and Justice 53(4), pp. 409-414
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