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Title: Bipolar corona assisted jet flow for fluidic application
Authors: Dau, Van Thanh
Dinh, Thien Xuan
Bui, Tung Thanh
Keywords: Electric field;Corona discharge voltage;Driving voltage of bulk flow generator;Corona discharge current;Electric current density;Effective area of electrode tip
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Abstract: In this paper, we present a study on a jet flow, assisted by low net charge ion wind from bipolar corona discharge setup. The ion wind is simultaneously generated from both positive and negative electrodes placed in parallel, adding momentum to the bulk flow directed alongside the electrodes and focused in the middle of interelectrode space. The electrodes are connected to a single battery-operated power source in a symmetrical arrangement, where the electrode creating charged ions of one polarity also serves as the reference electrode to establish the electric field required for ion creation by the opposite electrode, and vice versa. Multiphysics numerical simulation is carried out with programmable open source OpenFOAM, where the measured current-voltage is applied as a boundary condition to simulate the electrohydrodynamics flow. The jet flow inside the device is verified by hotwire anemometry using hotwires embedded within the device, with the measured values in good agreement with simulation. The corona discharge helped to focus the jet and increased the flow peak velocity from 1.41 m/s to 2.42 m/s with only 27.1 mW of consumed discharge power. The device is robust, ready-to-use and minimal in cost. In addition, as the oppositely charged corona flows are self-neutralized, the generated air flow remains neutral and therefore does not attach to a particular target, which expands the application range. These are important features, which can contribute to the development of multi-axis fluidic inertial sensors, fluidic amplifiers, micro blowers, gas mixing, coupling and analysis with space constraints and/or where neutralized discharge process is required, such as circulatory flow heat transfer or the formation of low charged aerosol for inhalation and charged particle deposition.
Description: FLOW MEASUREMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION Volume: 50 Pages: 252-260 ; TNS06400
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