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Title: Parameter Identification Method for a Three-Phase Induction Heating System
Authors: Nguyen, Bao Anh
Nguyen, Duy Minh
Phan, Quoc Dung
Keywords: Identification;induction heating;modeling;parameter tuning
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội
Abstract: This paper describes a new method for the online parameter estimation of an induction heating system. Simulations and experiments are presented in order to measure its impedance matrix for more exact control in closed loop. In previous papers, various parameter identification methods including offline methods were introduced and compared for current inverters. It has been demonstrated that parameter identification is necessary to achieve good control of the inductor currents. A “pseudoenergy” method for a simple and fast implementation is compared to a classical “V/I with phase shift” method. They are experienced on a reduced-power three-phase coupled resonant system supplied with voltage inverters with satisfying results.
Description: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS Volume: 51 Issue: 6 Pages: 4853-4860 Part: 1 Published: NOV-DEC 2015
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