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Title: A piezoresistive sensor for pressure monitoring at inkjet nozzle
Authors: Wei, Jia
Sarro, Pasqualina M
Due, Trinh Chu
Keywords: Applied pressure;Close-loop control;Compatible process;Droplet generation;Fluidic pressure;Inkjet printheads;Nozzle orifice;...
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Abstract: This paper presents a MEMS piezoresistive sensor for monitoring the fluidic pressure at the nozzle of an inkjet during droplet generation. The device consists of a sensing membrane (150 μm wide and 1 μm thick) with a nozzle orifice (20 μm in diameter), and piezo-resistors placed around. The pressure information is useful in detecting missing droplets and estimating the size of the generated droplets. The device is fabricated on SOI wafers with an IC-compatible process. A resistance variation of 8.7% is measured with a 1×105 Pa applied pressure. The sensitivity is 3.9×10 -7V/Pa in a Wheatstone bridge configuration with 1 V supply voltage. The detected pressure signal can be used to implement a close-loop control to replace the open-loop control in most current commercial inkjet printheads, for better volume precision and system reliability. ©2010 IEEE.
Description: Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 5690353, pp. 2093-2096
ISBN: 978-142448168-2
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