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Title: Domestic institutional attributes as drivers of export performance in an emerging and transition economy
Authors: Vi, Dung Ngo
Janssen, Frank
Leonidou, Leonidas C.
Keywords: Exporting;Export performance;Transition and emerging economies;Institution-based view
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Abstract: As the importance offirms from emerging and transition economies (ETEs) increases in the global marketplace, there is a growing interest in their exporting practices. In this study, we provide a conceptualmodel anchored on the institution-based view (IBV) that reveals the impact of various domestic institutional attributes (i.e., specificity, stability, predictability, and enforceability) on thefirm's export performance. We empirically test this model using SEM analysis with data collected from a sample of 109 Vietnamese exporters. Our results show that all four institutional attributes positively influence export performance. This link between domestic institutional attributes and export performance becomes stronger in the case of exporters characterizedby larger size, more experience, foreign market concentration, anddirect exporting methods. The exporter's locationhad a control effect on each of the four institutional attributes, while the principal foreign market and the type of product exported had an effect on export performance.
Description: JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH Volume: 69 Issue: 8 Pages: 2911-2922 ; TNS06413
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