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Title: Stabilizing soliton-based multichannel transmission with frequency dependent linear gain-loss
Authors: Chakraborty, Debananda
Peleg, Avner
Nguyen, Quan M.
Keywords: Optical solitons;Kerr nonlinearity;Multichannel optical waveguide transmis-sion;Transmission stabilization and destabilization
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Abstract: We report several major theoretical steps towards realizing stable long-distance multichannel soliton transmission in Kerr nonlinear waveguide loops. We find that transmission destabilization in a single waveguide is caused by resonant formation of radiative sidebands and investigate the possibility to in-crease transmission stability by optimization with respect to the Kerr nonlinearity coefficientγ. More-over, we develop a general method for transmission stabilization, based on frequency dependent linear gain–loss in Kerr nonlinear waveguide couplers, and implement it in two-channel and three-channel transmission. We show that the introduction of frequency dependent loss leads to significant en-hancement of transmission stability even for non-optimalγvalues via decay of radiative sidebands, which takes place as a dynamic phase transition. For waveguide couplers with frequency dependent linear gain–loss, we observe stable oscillations of soliton amplitudes due to decay and regeneration of the radiative sidebands
Description: OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 371 Pages: 252-262 ; TNS06416
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