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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Calculation of the absorption coefficient of a weak electromagnetic wave by free carriers in quantum wires by using the Kubo-Mori methodNguyen, Quang Bau; Dinh, Quoc Vuong; Nguyen, Ba Lam; Luu, Bich Linh
2010The dependence of the nonlinear absorption coefficient of strong electromagnetic waves caused by electrons confined in rectangular quanfum wires on the temperafure of the systemHoang, Dinh Trien; Bui, Thi Thu Giang; Nguyen, Quang Bau
2009Acoustomagnetoelectric effect in a superlatticeNguyen, Quang Bau; Nguyen, Van Hieu; Nguyen, Thi Thanh Huyen; Nguyen, Dinh Nam; Tran, Cong Phong
2013Calculation of the Hall Coefficient in Doped Semiconductor Superlattices with a Perpendicular Magnetic Field under the Influence of a Laser RadiationBui, Dinh Hoi; Pham, Thi Trang; Nguyen, Quang Bau
2012The impact of confined phonons on the nonlinear absorption coefficient of a strong electromagnetic wave by confined electrons in compositional superlatticesLe, Thai Hung; Nguyen, Vu Nhan; Nguyen, Quang Bau
2012Dynamics and mechanism diffusion in silica liquid: Insight from simulationNguyen, Thi Thanh Ha; Nguyen, Quang Bau; Pham, Khac Hung
2009The dependence of the parametric transformation coefficient of acoustic and optical phonons in doped superlattices on concentration of impuritiesHoang, Dinh Trien; Nguyen, Vu Nhan; Do, Manh Hung; Nguyen, Quang Bau
2016Impact of confined LO-phonons on the Hall effect in doped semiconductor superlatticesNguyen, Quang Bau; Do, Tuan Long
2017Magneto – thermoelectric effects in quantum well in the presence of electromagnetic waveNguyen, Quang Bau; Dao, Thu Hang; Doan, Minh Quang; Nguyen, Thi Thanh Nhan
2016Simulation of Diffusion Mechanism and Heterogeneous Dynamics in Network-forming LiquidNguyen, Thi Thanh Ha; Nguyen, Anh Dung; Nguyen, Quang Bau; Pham, Khac Hung