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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Economic Modernization in Vietnam From Industrialization to Innovation StageMazyrin, Vladimir M.
2013Environmental Awareness and Attitude of Vietnamese Consumers Towards Green PurchasingHoàng, Văn Hải; Nguyễn, Phương Mai
2012Evaluating the efficiency and productivity of Vietnamese commercial banks: A data envelopment analysis and Malmquist indexNguyen, Thi Hong Vinh
2012Gender, innovation and the growth of small medium enterprises: An empirical analysis of Vietnam’s manufacturing firmsNham, Phong Tuan
2012Sectoral composition of growth and poverty reduction in VietnamPham, Thu Hang; Le, Quoc Hoi
2014An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Lean Production and Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnamese SMEsHoàng, Văn Hải; Nguyễn, Phương Mai
2013Some Difficulties and Suggestions for Sustainable Marine Eco-tourism in Vietnam and Japan: Case Studies of Vân Đồn District, Quảng Ninh Province and Akkeshi Town, HokkaidoHaruo, Noma Haruo; Trần, Đức Thanh; Trần, Thị Mai Hoa
2015Simulation of Methane Emission from Rice Paddy Fields in Vu Gia-Thu Bồn River Basin of Vietnam Using the DNDC Model: Field Validation and Sensitivity AnalysisNgô, Đức Minh; Mai, Văn Thịnh; Wassman, Reiner; Ole Sander, Bjorn; Trần, Đăng Hòa; Nguyễn, Lê Trang; Nguyễn, Mạnh Khải
2012Spatio-temporal dynamics and evolution of landscape pattern in coastal areas of central region, VietnamKappas, M.; Nguyen, Hoang Khanh Linh