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Title: Maritime psychology : research in organizational & health behavior at sea
Authors: MacLachlan, Malcolm
Keywords: Environmental psychology;Sailing -- Psychological aspects;Seafaring life -- Psychological aspects
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017]
Abstract: Preface; Contents; Editor and Contributors; 1 Maritime Psychology: Definition, Scope and Conceptualization; Introduction; Definition; Scope; Commercial Shipping; Conceptualization; Some Challenges and Opportunities for Maritime Psychology; Ship Evacuation; Piracy; Organizational Culture; Psychological Capital; Global Health at Work; Chapters in This Volume; Conclusion; References; 2 Positive Psychology and Well-Being at Sea; Case Study; Positive Psychology and Well-Being at Sea; Seafaring Environment; The Ship as an Isolated, Confined Environment; The Ship as a Safety-Critical Organization Positive PsychologyPositive Organizational Psychology; Positive Psychology and Well-Being at Sea; Rationale for Future Research in the Area; Key Research Questions; Conclusion; References; 3 Transferring Learning Across Safety-Critical Industries; Case Study; Introduction; What Drives Transfer of Learning?; The Maritime Case; The Aviation Case; From Whom/Whence to Learn?; Case Studies of Transfers; Challenges in Transferring CRM to the Maritime Sector; Challenges in Transferring HF Training to the Bio-pharmaceutical Sector; How to Approach Transferring Innovation and Learning Sector ProfilingIdentifying the Challenges; A Structured Methodology; Discussion; Future Directions; References; 4 The Psychology of Ship Architecture and Design; Introduction; State of the Practice: Ship Design and Ship Designers; State of Knowledge; The Psychology of Ship Design; The Potential of Ship Psychology; The Psychology of Ship Designers; Design Engineering Fundamentals; The Natural Inclinations of Design Engineering; Design Engineering Thinking; Objects and Artefacts; Decomposition; Uncertainty; The Design Engineering Knowledge Base; What is Next? Key Research Questions Exposure to PracticeExtension of the Design Engineering Curriculum; Low-key Human-Centred Design; Conclusion: Recommendations on the Psychology of Ship Design; References; 5 Occupational Stress in Seafaring; 'Voice' of Croatian Seafarers Employed in the International Maritime Sector; Implementing Findings of Research in the Field of Occupational Stress in Seafaring; Occupational Stress in Seafaring from the Transactional Perspective; Definition of Occupational Stress; Sources of Stress in Seafarers; Effects of Stress in Seafaring at the Individual and Organizational Levels Mortality in SeafarersPhysical Health and Psychological Well-Being of Seafarers; Individual Differences in Experience of Occupational Stressors, Health and Well-Being Among Seafarers; Suggestions for Further Studies; Further Research Questions; Methodological Considerations; References; 6 Risk Factors for Fatigue in Shipping, the Consequences for Seafarers' Health and Options for Preventive Intervention; Background; Risk Factors for Fatigue; Stress; Irregular Work and Sleep Quantity; Sleep Quality; Physical Risk Factors; Individual Risk Factors; Acute Responses; Acute Safety Effects
ISBN: 9783319454306
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