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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Samarium Doped Cerium Fluoride NanoparticlesDuong, Thi Mai Huong; Nguyen, Thi Tien; Le, Van Vu; Nguyen, Ngoc Long
2015Effects of Crystallinity and Particle Size on Photocatalytic Performance of ZrTiO4 Nanostructured PowdersLe, Thi Mai Oanh; Dang, Thu Ha; Man, Minh Hue; Lam, Thi Hang; Dao, Viet Thang
2015Effect of Temperature on Ultrasonic Velocities, Attenuations, Reflection and Transmission Coefficients between Motor Oil and Carbon Steel Estimated by Pulse-echo Technique of Ultrasonic Testing MethodPham, Van Thanh; Pham, Thi Tuyet Nhung; Luong, Thi Minh Thuy; Nguyen, Hoa Nhai
2015Calculation of Morse Potential Parameters of bcc Crystals and Application to Anharmonic Interatomic Effective Potential, Local Force ConstantNguyen, Van Hung; Trinh, Thi Hue; Nguyen, Ba Duc
2015Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions for Linear Implicit Difference Equations with Index 1Ngo, Thi Thanh Nga
2013Simulation Research on Hollow Cavities in the Body of Dikes and Dams by Geophysical MethodsVu, Duc Minh; Do, Anh Chung
2015Nonlinear Analysis on Flutter of FGM Plates Using Ilyushin Supersonic Aerodynamic TheoryPham, Hong Cong; Nguyen, Dinh Duc; Dao, Huy Bich
2014Predator-prey System with the Effect of Environmental FluctuationLe, Hong Lan
2015Explicit Phase Space Transformations and Their Application in Noncommutative Quantum MechanicsNguyen, Quang Hung; Do, Quoc Tuan
2015Aerodynamic Analysis of Aircraft WingNguyen, Minh Triet; Nguyen, Ngoc Viet; Pham, Manh Thang