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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Nonlinear Analysis on Flutter of Functional Graded Cylindrical Panels on Elastic Foundations Using the Ilyushin Nonlinear Supersonic Aerodynamic TheoryTran, Quoc Quan; Dao, Huy Bich; Nguyen, Dinh Duc
2015Nonlinear Analysis on Flutter of FGM Plates Using Ilyushin Supersonic Aerodynamic TheoryPham, Hong Cong; Nguyen, Dinh Duc; Dao, Huy Bich
2013Nonlinear axisymmetric response of thin FGM shallow spherical shells with ceramic-metal-ceramic layers under uniform external pressure and temperatureVu, Thi Thuy Anh; Nguyen, Dinh Duc
2010Experiment for Bending Analysis of 3-phase composite Plate in Ship StructureNguyen, Dinh Duc; Dinh, Khac Minh
2010Composite cylinder under unsteady, axisymmetric, plane temperature fieldNguyen, Dinh Duc; Nguyen, Thi Thuy
2008Determining thermal expansion coefficients of three-phase fiber composite material reinforced by spherical particlesNguyen, Dinh Duc; Luu, Van Boi; Nguyen, Tien Dac
2016Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Imperfect Three-phase Sandwich Laminated Polymer Nanocomposite Panels Resting on Elastic Foundations in Thermal EnvironmentsPham, Van Thu; Nguyen, Dinh Duc
2006Determining the effective uniaxial modulus of three - phase composite material of aligned fibres and spherical particlesNguyen, Dinh Duc; Hoang, Van Tung
2003The Matrix of the New Composite in the Extreme High TemperatureNguyen, Dinh Duc
2016Vibration and Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Imperfect Thin Eccentrically Stiffened Functionally Graded Plates in Thermal EnvironmentsPham, Hong Cong; Nguyen, Dinh Duc