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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Effect of preparation conditions on optical properties of CdTe quantum dot dispersed in waterNguyen, Van Hung; Duong, Anh Tuan; Trinh, Duc Thien; Nguyen, Dang Phu; Danh, Bich Do
2009Sol-gel synthesis and particle size characterization of CdSe Quantum dotsKhong, Cat Cuong; Trinh, Duc Thien; Pham, Thu Nga; Nguyen, Van Minh; Nguyen, Van Hung
2006Anharmonic correlated debye model debye-waller factor compared to einstein model resultNguyen, Van Hung; Nguyen, Bao Trung
2006Study of EXAFS cumulants of FCC crystals containing n dopant atomsNguyen, Van Hung; Tran, Trung Dung; Nguyen, Cong Toan
2017Anharmonic correlated Debye model high-order expanded Debye-Waller factors of bcc crystals. Application to metallic WolframNguyen, Van Hung; Trinh, Thi Hue; Nguyen, Bao Trung; Nguyen, Cong Toan
2004Study of interaction potential and force constants of FCC crystals containing N impurity atomsNguyen, Van Hung; Tran, Trung Dung; Nguyen, Cong Toan
2006Thermodynamic and correlation effects in atomic vibration of bcc crystals containing dopant atomNguyen, Van Hung; Ho, Khac Hieu; Nguyen, Cong Toan
2003Calculation of Morse Potential of hcp Crystals and application to Equation of State and Elastic constantsNguyen, Van Hung; Dao, Xuan Viet
2002Generalized Xafs Cumulant Theory and a new Procedure for Structural DeterminationNguyen, Van Hung
2004Calculation of XAFS Cumulants for FCC Crystals Containing Impurity AtomNguyen, Van Hung; Nguyen, Thi Thu Hoai; Le, Hai Hung