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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Electrochromic properties of sol–gel prepared hybrid transition metal oxides – A short reviewJittiarporn, Phuriwat; Badilescu, Simona; Al Sawafta, Mohammed N.; Sikong, Lek; Vo, VanTruong
2017Time and pressure dependent deformation of microcontact printed channels fabricated using self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiol on goldUddin, M. Jalal; Hossain, M. Khalid; Qarony, Wayesh; Hossain, Mohammad I.; Mia, M.N.H.; Hossen, S.
2016Three-dimensional printing of biological mattersAhmed Munaz; Raja K. Vadivelu; James St. John; Matthew Barton; Harshad Kamble; Nam-Trung Nguyen
2016Theoretical methods for understanding advanced magnetic materials: The case of frustrated thin filmsH.T. Diep
2016Synthesis of ZnS:Mn- Fe3O4 bifunctional nanoparticles by inverse microemulsion methodChu, Tien Dung; Luu, Manh Quynh; Nguyen, Phuong Linh; Nguyen, Hoang Luong; Nguyen, Hoang Nam
2016Synthesis and optical properties of red/blue-emitting Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu 3 +/Eu 2+ phosphors for white LEDTong, Thi Hao Tam; Nguyen, Duy Hung; Nguyen, Thi Kim Lien; Nguyen, Duc Trung Kien; Pham, Thanh Huy
2016Synthesis and gas-sensing characteristics of x -Fe2O3 hollow ballsNguyen, Duc Hoa; Chu, Manh Hung,; Nguyen, Van Toan; Dang, Thi Thanh Le; Nguyen, Van Duy; Nguyen, Van Hieu
2016Switchable and tunable metamaterial absorber in THz frequenciesDang, Hong Luu; Nguyen, Van Dung; Trinh, Thi Giang; Vu, Dinh Lam
2016Multiwalled carbon nanotubes/silver nanocomposite as effective SERS platform for detection of methylene blue dye in waterNgo, Xuan Dinh; Tran, Quang Huy; Le, Van Vu; Le, Thi Tam; Anh-Tuan Le
2016Magnetic properties of CoxPt100 - x nanoparticlesTruong, Thanh Trung; Do, Thi Nhung; Nguyen, Thi Thanh Van; Nguyen, Hoang Nam; Nguyen, Hoang Luong
2016Magnetic properties of a LuVO3 single crystal studied by magnetometry, heat capacity and neutron diffractionL.D. Tung; J. Schefer; M.R. Lees; G. Balakrishnan; D.McK. Paul
2016Low- temperature PZT thin-film ferroelectric memories fabricated on SiO2/Si and glass substratesD.H. Minh; N.V. Lo; N.H. Duc; B.N.Q. Trinh
2016Hydrogen storage characteristics of Ti- and V- based thin filmsZ. Tarnawski; N.-T.H. Kim-Ngan
2016High-field transport properties of itinerant electron metamagnetic Co(S1-xSex)2Hirofumi, Wada; Yoshiro, Maekawa; Daichi, Kawasaki
2016Fabrication and characterization of PZT string based MEMS devicesD.T. Huong Giang; N.H. Duc; G. Agnus; T. Maroutian; P. Lecoeur
2016Transport phenomena and conductivity mechanism in Sm doped Bi4V2- xSmxO11 ceramicsSasmitarani Bag; Banarji Behera
2016The effect of fibrin sealant on bioactive glass S53P4 particles - pH impact and dissolution characteristics in vitroJussi Sarin; Leena Bjorkvik; Markus Hiltunen; Leena Hupa; Jaakko Pulkkinen; Pekka K. Vallittu
2016Surface modification of polyamide thin film composite membrane by coating of titanium dioxide nanoparticlesNgo, Thu Hong Anh; Nguyen, Dung The; Do, Khai Dinh; Nguyen, Thu Thi Minh; Shinsuke Mori; Tran, Dung Thi
2016Structural and mechanical properties of microwave sintered Al-Ni50Ti50 compositesPenchal Reddy, M.; Ubaid, F.; Shakoor, R.A.; Mohamed, A.M.A.; Madhuri, W.
2016We have studied the effect of an additional thin Pt underlayer on the magnetic properties of ultrathin perpendicularly magnetized TbFeCofilms grown on silicon substrates. We have demonstrated that the presence of a thin Pt underlayer can enhance the perpendicular coercivity of ultrathin TbFeCofilms with thickness down to 1 nm while preserving their low saturation magnetization. This can be attributed to the hybridization of Pt and Co orbitals, which induces the strong interfacial perpendicular anisotropy of Co/Pt and/or CoFe/Pt. These characteristics are potentially useful to reduce the critical current density induced magnetization switching and enhance the thermal stability of a magnetic tunnel junction and the current-induced domain wall motion in a nanowire made out of the ultrathin TbFeCo magnetic layerThi Tuyet Mai Phan; Ngoc Chau Chu; Van Boi Luu; Hoan Nguyen Xuan; Duc Thang Pham; Isabelle Martin; Pascal Carriere
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 118