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Title: A Reconcilable Strategy for Sustaining Vietnam’s Competitive Advantage
Authors: Dickerson, David
F. Pore, William
Keywords: Southeast Asia, Vietnam, cross-cultural marketing,Southeast Asian market strategy, international relations, international marketing, international business.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Series/Report no.: Vol.31;No. 2 (2015)
Abstract: This paper theoretically explores the need for crafting a new framework for crafting a Vietnamese national competitive strategy, whether in international relations or business, rather than repetitively applying Western derived models from one culture to another. The recommendations for such a framework put forth herecall for the application of a new cross-cultural strategic model. Dilemma theory is introduced as a means for eliciting and resolving failed geo-political marketing strategies. The recommendations also provide professional practice a tool for synthesizing values between cultures to create a better strategy. The study further implies that transference of a Western model to Asia, specifically Vietnam, without integrating cultural differences first, will result in failed strategies. The originality of this article stems from the application ofan existing cross-cultural model of reconciliation to the field of international relations and global business strategy. The mindsets of Asia will undoubtedly conflict with the mindsets of the West. A tool has been provided for strategists, both business and diplomatic, to map out cultural differences as a means for making decisions that will allow enterprises in Vietnam to achieve a competitive advantage. This study maintains that by not building reconciliation into the strategy formulation process, the execution of a market strategy for growth will not be sustainable
Description: p. 51-62
ISSN: 2588-1108
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