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Title: Electric and Thermoelectric Properties of LaFeO3 Compounds Doped by Ti, Co and Cu ions
Authors: Dang, Le Minh
Vu, Nu Mai Hoa
Nguyen, Ngoc Dinh
Nguyen, Thi Thuy
Keywords: GdBCO thin film;critical current density;BaSnO3;artificial pinning centers
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Series/Report no.: Vol. 29;No. 3 (2013)
Abstract: LaFeO3 doped Ti, Co and Cu with the high thermoelectric property has been prepared by solid state reaction method at high temperature. The phase composition, crystalline structure have been determined by XRD. Study on the electric (ρ-T), (σ-T), thermoelectric properties such as the Seebeck coefficient (S), power factor (PF) has been performed. The doping of ions Co and Cu increased the electric conductivity (σ) and power factor (PF) of the samples.
Description: p. 49-54
ISSN: 2588-1124
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