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Title: Effect of Cr3+ concentration on structural and optical properties of ZnAl2O4:Cr3+
Authors: Tran, Thi Loan
Le, Hong Ha
Nguyen, Ngoc Long
Keywords: Cr3+ concentration;ZnAl2O4:Cr3+
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Series/Report no.: Vol. 26;No. 1 (2010)
Abstract: Zn(Al1-xCrx)2O4 powders with Cr3+ contents ranging from x = 0.005 to 0.3 have been synthesized by sol-gel method using the following precursors: zinc nilrate (Zn(NO3)2 . 6H2O), aluminium nitrate (Al(NO3)3 . 9H2O), chrome nitrate (Cr(NO3)3 . 9H2O), and citric acid. The effect of the Cr3+ concentration on structural and optical properties of the synthesized samples has been studied. For the samples with low Cr3+-dopant concentrations, the photoluminescent (PL) spectra consist of sharp lines assigned to the 2E(2G) --> 4A2(4F) transition of ions Cr3+ in strong octahedral field. But for the samples with high Cr3+-dopant concentrations, the PL spectra consist of a broad band centered at longer wavelengths assigned to the 4T2(4F; -- aA21af) transition of ions Cr3* in weak octahedral field.
Description: p. 37-42
ISSN: 2588-1124
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