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Title: An OCL-Based Framework for Model Transformations
Authors: Dang, Duc Hanh
Martin, Gogolla
Keywords: Model Transformation;OCL;Validation & Verification;Precondition and Postcondition;Invariant.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ĐHQGHN
Citation: Dang, D. H, Martin, G. (2016). An OCL-Based Framework for Model Transformations. VNU Journal of Science, Comp. Science & Com. Eng., 32, 1, 42–57.
Series/Report no.: Journal of Comp. Science & Com. Eng.
Abstract: Model transformation is an important building block for model-driven approaches. It puts forward a necessity and a challenge to specify and realize model transformation as well as to ensure the correctness of transformations.This paper proposes anOCL-based framework for model transformations. The formal foundation of the framework is the integration of Triple Graph Grammars and the Object Constraint Language (OCL). The OCL-based transformation framework offers an on-the-fly verification of model transformations and means for transformation quality assurance.
ISSN: 0866-8612
Language: en
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