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Title: Kinect Based Character Navigation in VR Game
Authors: Ma, Thị Chau
Hoang, Minh Duong
Keywords: Kinect application,;hand recognition;VR games
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ĐHQGHN
Citation: Ma, T. C, Hoang, M. D. (2016). Kinect Based Character Navigation in VR Game. VNU Journal of Science, Comp. Science & Com. Eng., Vol. 32, No. 2, 23–30.
Series/Report no.: Journal of Comp. Science & Com. Eng.
Abstract: VR game is a hot field because it provides practical experience for the player. However, in the game, players are usually required attaching special equipments. Those equipments are often very expensive. Moreover, many devices make players less flexible because they are attached to players. VR game using Kinect is a good choice because Kinect is affordable and not attached directly to the player. In this paper, we propose a technique of Kinect based character navigation in VR Game. As environment is supported by Kinect, we implement character navigation by player’s hand actions. Besides, we use markers to increase the effectiveness of hand action recognition. In our experiments, character’s rotations reaches 70% in accuracy. Straight movement and turning reach 98% in accuracy.
ISSN: 0866-8612
Language: en
Appears in Collections:Computer Science and Communication Engineering

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