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Title: Settling the past, building a better future: reconciliation in history teaching in Germany and France
Authors: Pham Hong Tung
Keywords: reconciliation in history teaching ,
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Series/Report no.: 23, No. 5E (2007) 31-38;
Abstract: In this article the author provides an overview of the reconciliation in teaching national history between Germany and France. The process was started well before the Second World War. H ow ever, it became fruitful only after the end of the Cold War thanks to the initiatives of the French and G erm an Youth Parliam ent. The author hightlights the role of both French and G erman educators and historians as well as the support of German and French Governments, particularly the German Prime Minister Gerhard Schoeder and the French President Jacque Chirac. N evertheless, the author also pointes out the German and French historians and educators try to settle the disputin gissues concerning their own national histories, but fully forget the reconciliation in teaching E uropean history and colonial past of the form er colonial empires.
Description: tr. 31-38
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