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Title: Administrative and urban planning in Thang Long - Hanoi from 11th - 14th centuries
Authors: Vu Van Quan, Vu Duong Luan
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Series/Report no.: 23, No. 5E (2007) 39-52;
Abstract: After more than 1000 years under the domination of the Northern feudal dynasties, the efforts of the Ngo - Dinh and early Le dynasties definitively wrested back Vietnam 's independence and confirmed the nationalism . These shaped favorable conditions for the Ly dynasty to transfer its capital to Dai La, which was renamed Thang Long in 1010. Not until 10lh century, the Dai La - Thang Long area used to be an important economic, political and military center in the Red River Delta from the occupation by Chinese Tang colonialists until 10th century. During the next 4 centuries under the Ly and Tran dynasties, the feudal leaders brought this area to a much higher level of development. Basing on materials from different sources, we can conclude that the capital of Thang Long was organized into administrative units, including w ards, alleys and streets. Established in 1230, Binh Bac provincial service office (ty Binh Bac), was the earliest ad ministrative known unit in Thang Long in the period from 11th to 14th centuries. Area planning of th e Thang Long Citadel during the Ly-Tran dynasties strictly comprised of 2 main areas: adm inistrative bureaucratic and economic-folkloric areas. However, these areas were not clearly separated but rather linked together. Thang Long Citadel provided an evidence of flexible and harmonious elem ents, as well as of the Vietnamese people ability to exploit natural conditions for planning and construction. G enerally, Thang Long Citadel from 11th - 14th centuries was the initial period of urbanization but with sharp im prints of nature. This resulted in a wild and natural Thang Long in its early stage as the capital of the country.
Description: tr. 39-52
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