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Title: The improvement of photocatalytic processes: Design of a photoreactor using high-power LEDs
Authors: Marzieh Khademalrasool
Mansoor Farbod
Mohammad Davoud Talebzadeh
Keywords: Fluorescent lamp photoreactor;High-power LED photoreactor;Photocatalytic water purification;Reactive blue dye;Zinc oxide nanoparticle
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ĐHQGHN
Abstract: This paper is an attempt to survey the benefits of a well-designed photoreactor containing just 6 ultraviolet (UV) high power light emitting diodes (HPLEDs); the power and wavelength of each UV HPLED are 1 Wand 365 nm, respectively, the latter being an efficient source for photocatalytic studies. Although the experi-ment with the 365-nm LEDs is reported here, other LEDs were predicted for conducting similar experi-ments including green photocatalytic ones.We installed diodes with respect to the luminescence intensity distribution curves (LIDCs) or intensity patterns. Then, in order to compare the efficiency of the UV-HPLEDs of the HP-LED photoreactor (HPLED-PhR) with that of traditional UV lamps which are extensively used in photocatalytic processes, a set of UV HPLEDs was designed and made up. Next, the performance of HPLED-PhR was compared with that of a traditional fluorescent lamp photoreactor (FL-PhR). As a typical photo-catalytic experiment, Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles were synthesized via co-precipitation method and used as photocatalyst for purification of water polluted with the reactive blue dye (RB), under UV irradi-ation in two photoreactors. The results showed that the rate of photocatalytic reaction under the UV-LEDs was two times greater than the rate under the traditional fluorescent UV lamps,whilebothelectrical power consumption and manufacturing cost of the HPLED-PhR were less than a quarter of them for the FL-PhR
Description: p. 382-387
ISSN: 2468-2284
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