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Title: Low- temperature PZT thin-film ferroelectric memories fabricated on SiO2/Si and glass substrates
Authors: D.H. Minh
N.V. Lo
N.H. Duc
B.N.Q. Trinh
Keywords: PZT;Thin-film transistor;Ferroelectric;Sol-gel;ITO
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ĐHQGHN
Abstract: In a ferroelectric-gate thin film transistor memory (FGT) type structure, the gate-insulator layer is extremely important for inducing the charge when accumulating or depleting. We concentrated on the application of low-temperature PZTfilms crystallized at 450, 500 and 550 C, instead of at conventional high temperatures ( 600 C). Investigation of the crystalline structure and electrical properties indicated that the PZTfilm, crystallized at 500 C, was suitable for FGT fabrication because of a high (111) orien-tation, large remnant polarization of 38 aC/cm 2 on SiO2/Si substrate and 17.8 aC/cm 2 on glass, and low leakage current of 10- 6A/cm 2 . In sequence, we successfully fabricated FGT with all processes below 500 C on a glass substrate, whose operation exhibits a memory window of 4 V, ON/OFF current ratio of 10 5 , field-effect mobility of 0.092 cm 2 V- 1 s- 1 , and retention time of 1 h
Description: p. 75-79
ISSN: 2468-2284
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