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Title: Balancing the energy consumption in practical wireless networks
Authors: Nguyen, Thanh Tung
Egan, Gregory K.
Keywords: Ad-hoc network;Cordless phone network;Network routing;AODV and Energy consumption
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Monash University
Series/Report no.: Technical Report MECSE-13-2006;
Abstract: Most mobile devices in wireless networks have limited energy storage capability. Similar limitations can apply to fixed devices found in sensor networks and in the longer haul relay stations in rural networks. Current research on battery technologies shows that only small improvements in the battery capacity are expected in the near future. Thus, in order to make the wireless networks (especially rapidly deployed networks) available commercially, we need to reduce the energy consumption in wireless devices. There are two main approaches to the problem. The first approach is to reduce the energy consumption of electronic circuits in wireless devices. The second approach is to design energy based routing techniques, including some modifications on medium access control (MAC) layer to reduce the energy consumption of wireless devices in networks. The second approach is focused in this paper.
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