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Title: Optimizing the support area of shorings in the construction technology
Authors: Nguyen, Quang Thuan
Tu, Sy Quan
Nguyen, Hai Thanh
Keywords: Optimizing;construction technology;construction;support area
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Journal of Mathematical Applications
Abstract: We consider a problem arising in the construction field in which amount of work is great, and construction sites are far from equipment yards. Transportation costs for equipment and for installing equipment huge. Thus, optimizing the number of pieces of equipment in the execution phase plays an important role. Moreover, there are a lot of solutions for equipment installation in the construction of a cellular floor. The choice of a certain solutions is difficult since the problem depends on many factors such as the geometric characteristics of the cellular floor, construction habits, quantity of available beams and shorings in the yard, the financial capacity of investors, the requirement of quality and progress...Therefore, the development of an algorithm for determining the most suitable solution is essential and. This paper modelizes the problem as an optimizing problem as an optimiztion problem thats is in the form of a 0-1 liner programming (ILP). An algorithm is proposed that users ILP solvers at each iteration step. The illustrated example shows the efficiency of the approach.
Description: Vol.XIV, No 22016, p. 51-62
Language: en
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