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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Determination of the annual beta dose by meaming beta activity using the liquid scintillation techniqueNguyen, Quang Mien; Bui, Van Loat
2013Experimental determination of enrichment of uranium material by gamma-spectroscopic techniqueBui, Van Loat; Le, Tuan Anh; Nguyen, Cong Tam; Pham, Duc Khue; Bui, Minh Hue
2016The Gamma Ray Transmission Factor of Spent FuelNguyen, Van Quan; Bui, Van Loat; Nguyen, Cong Tam
2004The gamma-radiation field in Hue cityDang, Huy Uyen; Bui, Van Loat; Dang, Phuong Nam
2009Intercomparison on internal dose assessment for 131INguyen, Van Hung; Bui, Van Loat
2017Intrinsic Efficiency Calibration for Uranium Isotopic Analysis in Soil SamplesBui, Van Loat; Somsavath, Leuangtakoun; Cao, Dang Luu; Bui, Thi Hong; Khong, Nam Khang
2012Measurement of some characteristics of the BEGe detectorBui, Van Loat; Le, Tuan Anh; Dong, Van Thanh; Nguyen, The Nghia; Pham, Duc Khue
2012The measurements of uranium enrichment by using X rays and gamma rays below 100 keVBui, Van Loat; Le, Tuan Anh; Nguyen, Van Quan; Dinh, Van Thin; Nguyen, Cong Tam
2010Monte carlo simulation by code of MCNP and experimental check for measuring thickness of materials for the spec raltzrng system of MYO-101Bui, Van Loat; Nguyen, Van Hung; Hoang, Sy Minh Phuong
2017Natural radioactivity and external dose assessment of surface soils in Bolikhamxay province, LaosSomsavath, Leuangtakoun; Bui, Van Loat; Vu, Thi Kim Duyen; Khong, Nam Khang
2018Study of Heating Rate Effect on Thermoluminescence Glow Curves of LiF: Mg, Cu, PBui, Thi Hong; Vu, Anh Hung; Nguyen, Quang Mien; Bui, Van Loat
2009Studying of characteristic of GEM40P4 HPGE detector by experimentBui, Van Loat; Nguyen, Van Quan; Le, Tuan Anh; Tran, The Anh; Nguyen, The Nghia; Nguyen, Van Hung