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Title: Green mediated synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanoparticles using Euphorbia Jatropa latex as reducing agent
Authors: M.S. Geetha
H. Nagabhushana
H.N. Shivananjaiah
Keywords: Nanoparticles;Green mediated synthesis;Rietveld refinement;SEM with EDS;Photoluminescence
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ĐHQGHN
Abstract: Presently the progress of green chemistry in the synthesis of nanoparticles with the use of plants has engrossed a great attention. This study reports the synthesis of ZnO using latex ofEuphorbia Jatropaas reducing agent. As prepared product was characterized by powder X-ray diffractometer (PXRD), Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy (FTIR), scanning electron microscopyeenergy dispersive spectroscopy (SEMeEDS), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray photo electron spectroscopy (XPS), Rietveld refinement, UVeVisible spectroscopy and photoluminescence (PL). The concentration of plant latex plays an important role in controlling the size of the particle and its morphology. PXRD graphs showed the well crystallisation of the particles. The average particle size was calculated using Scherrer equation and advanced Williamson Hall (WH) plots. The average particle size was around 15 nm. This result was also supported by SEM and TEM analyses. FTIR shows the characteristic peak of ZnO at 435 cm-1. SEM and TEM micrographs show that the particles were almost hexagonal in nature. EDS of SEM analysis confirmed that the elements are only Zn and O. EDS confirmed purity of ZnO. Atomic states were confirmed by XPS results. Crystal parameters were determined using Rietveld refinement. From UV eVisible spectra average energy gap was calculated which is ~3.63 eV. PL studies showed UV emission peak at 392 nm and broad band visible emission centred in the range 500e600 nm. The Commission International de I'Eclairage and colour correlated temperature coordinates were estimated for ZnO prepared using 2 ml, 4 ml and 6 ml Jatropa latex. The results indicate that the phosphor may be suitable for white light emitting diode (WLED). The study fruitfully reveals simple, fast, economical and eco friendly method of synthesis of multifunctional ZnO nanoparticles (Nps)
Description: p. 301-310
ISSN: 2468-2284
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